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Aluminium shutters and gates

Casa persiane alluminio

Among the numerous models of aluminium shutters available are those made by "KIKAU" (the leading company in Italy for borders and accessories for shutters) of which we are manufacturers, and authorized dealers. Our company also manufactures several lines of shutters, the two most successful being: the KIKAU ARKUS K 80 and the latest K90 with a patent on the special shape of the corner joining that is 90 ° (and not 45 as all other models) making it difficult to recognize it from a traditional wooden shutter; it suitable both for old properties and for new homes with a traditional style.


With the various lines above, we also produce fixed, adjustable, or directional blinds with many KIKAU certifications; we produce anti-intruder blinds in aluminium both fixed and laminated with certification and in special wood finishes also guaranteed with an original KIKAU 10 year certificate.

Our aluminium shutters have numerous accessories and installation engineering diversity and can have a traditional shape or have a contemporary design for modern or more particular homes. We have the ability to interface each of our products with existing DOMOTICA systems for access control and automatic opening and closing according to the system they are connected to. Each shutter can be equipped with a sensor (integrated in the structure) to remotely control the position of the doors and can be modified accordingly by dedicated power.

Portelloni per ristrutturazione tipica umbra terni Vitebo Amelia Orvieto

After years of research and studies, Cimet Serramenti has studied a new aluminum product with aesthetic features, ALUMINIUM DOORS made with the same technique as the old wooden models, thus creating a product suitable for all typical building renovation regions of Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany yet suitable for all Italian regions We wanted to create a product that, unlike others, has characteristics of resistance to atmospheric agents (with no maintenance) typical of modern design materials but at the same time maintaining the charm of the old window frames installed in rustic farmhouses typical of our areas . All this has been possible with the adoption of profiles that show the slats on the outside (with the possibility of being inserted either horizontally or vertically or obliquely) and in the interior uprights moulded as the supporting wood of the structure; this has been done by copying the old carpentry construction techniques adopted for this type of window, allowing us to create blind and planary structures on the outside (when they are closed) and to give a traditional movement when the shutters are opened, transmitting a design characteristic. Of course, like all CIMET products they are covered by certification and attract tax benefits with the possibility of installation in historic centres without Commune grant (as they can not be distinguished from wood products). The hardware used is also typical of the wood world, but with features such as safety lock and sea mist treatment that make them safe and durable over time.

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