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Fixed and movable PVC Shutters

persiana in pvc vista interna
Persiana orientabile pvc

With the countless combinations of shapes, colours, runners and panels, the PVC shutters can harmoniously adapt to the architectural style of each home.

C.I.MET. Doors are available for the design and installation of pvc blinds, a versatile material that allows excellent thermal insulation and prevents heat from radiating inside the house, which is why in recent times they attracted 65% tax incentives for redevelopment because of the eligibility for energy saving especially in the summertime, providing shade inside the home (as opposed to the aluminium-product that when exposed to the sun emits strong heat inside). Durable, resistant to corrosion and weather, and with a classic design almost indistinguishable from competitors' wood products, pvc offers excellent stability and requires minimal maintenance.

To ask for more information about the models available, please contact us.

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