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 rilevo misure infissi pvc

Download the new app. photograph your window frames, enter the required measurements, send it to us via email

for a quick quote for your replacement windows.

If you do not have the experience in taking measurements (for estimates only), we provide you with a free Android Store app that helps you to measure the size of your current windows

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP (Italian light version).  

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE APP (full version in English).  

N.B. This is just a link to register with your store for access so we can serve you properly. The application is free and only for the purpose of helping you measure; it is not warranted by a technician qualified to measure the measurements. It allows you to photograph your frames and send over the measurements so our technical staff can see where you have measured in a way that gives a true estimate. The difference between the two applications is that the light version has fewer functions (but ones needed for measuring) and is in Italian, while the full one allows you to enter more parameters but is in English .        

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