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The benefits of aluminium

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Aluminium is a fine material that has come into everyday life under various forms and thanks to its special technical / physical properties has replaced other commonly used materials. One of the best known jobs in the building environment is the manufacture of interior and exterior window frames (Windows, shutters, doors and verandas). Aluminium has been used for many years to make fixtures, and its use has grown remarkably; we now have more modern cutting profiles, which have retained all the advantages of rigidity, finishing, aesthetics and durability. With the new features that the current market demands in terms of energy saving, durability and acoustic comfort.

The physical / technical properties of aluminium allow us to create safe, anti-burglary, ecological and 100% recyclable frames. At C.I.MET. we make all types of fixtures: hinged, sliding, moving in parallel sliding and flip, for maximum acoustic performance with a modern and current design, covering all the problems related to internal frames. All of our frames are no longer assembled with old machining methods but instead by a certified process of caulking by angle pressing (as you can see in the link to the video below), with the insertion of extruded high strength rods and a special polymeric mastic which isolates the angle from infiltration and corrosion, making it suitable for coastal area with higher salinity.


We also make exterior fixtures in aluminium which leave all their characteristics unchanged over time even after years of exposure to external atmospheric agents.

Outside, we also offer a wide range of products ranging from classic fixed or sliding aluminium shutters to branded products such as the most sought-after original KIKAU shutters, both traditional and aluminium armoured, with numerous wood and steel finishes that can be adapted to any home . All our aluminium fixtures are assembled by a caulking process that ensures stability and excludes any corrosion problems in the corners when assembled .

We also make exterior aluminium shutters, small doors, and conservatories for terrace enclosures, and interior doors with contemporary and modern design. For all our products we install strictly low-emission standard glass as required by current legislation, with the possibility of argon-filled glass with solar control armoured security, to meet every single need with the peace of a 10-year warranty on the thermal glass with double sealing so as to deliver a window with a high thermal insulation and security for many years.

All of our aluminium windows can be equipped with invisible integrated sensors to detect (by means of alarm or home automation systems and dedicated app) any opening or closing, or the correct handle position so as to leave the house always with the utmost tranquility.


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Verandas / Conservatories

How to build high quality aluminium fixtures


Take a few seconds to watch the video which shows the care and attention we apply to every single angle join, to make your fixtures more and more durable and secure over time. Finishing processes that allow the joining of the aluminium corners to link the isolating frames with a secure and certified technique. With the help of this modern technology / equipment all our corners are perfect and with a seal superior to the traditional ones that can not maintain the same characteristics over time; the resulting corrosion within the profiles and a degradation leads to a much shorter window life expectancy - it is clear that a quality product brings improvements to your home and the world in general.



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