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Finestre in alluminio-legno

finestra interna alluminio legno ponzio

The internal aluminum-wood fixture is totally customizable with exterior finishing or wood finish, while the interior solid wood oaklacquer can follow a predetermined banner and be tinted to CAMPIONE according to your interior design, thus creating a bicolour( Indoor and outdoor) without any extra charge. All our aluminum / wood frames have a multi-point peripheral closure (siegenia) with a traditional opening and standard openingfor all windows and window frames and finishing of hardware with different types of choice, such as bronze, gold, silver and Titanium with its standard handle with the same finishes, we also produce different types of standard openings such as sliding in parallel with tilting and always sliding sliding doors. Mixed Nell'infisso you can enjoy the strength of aluminum to thermal cut positioned on the outer side with finishes certified without maintenanceto fully enjoy the heat and natural percezzioni that only solid wood can give to a housing interior, leaving out the old Problems associated with the maintenance of a traditional wooden fixture.

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