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Produzione  finestre/serramenti pvc rehau Terni Viterbo Orvieto Amelia
finestra pvc con scuro per Terni Viterbo Orvieto Amelia

The PVC windows are characterized by a tailored and elegant design that allows them to fit harmoniously into any architectural context. With many superficial finishes, both simulated wood and modern, such as hemp and linen, so that they can be used in any design situation.

The PVC insulating properties, combined with the use of double glazing with selective treatments, guarantee a constant temperature, even in air-conditioned or heated environments, making the environment comfortable. At the same time, it provides a remarkable energy saving while leaving your home isolated from everything outside it, increasing the comfort of living and the quality of life inside.


C.I.MET. offers REHAU frames with 2, 3 and 4 windows, sliding doors, hinged doors and new windows and doors with a full opening system. Made with modern Siegenia closing mechanisms with high quality standards able to work time after time.

Demonstration video on the operation of a window frame with total opening to transform your room completely isolated from external factors. Made of PVC insulating profiles, REHAU allows you to recover the unused space of a terrace without increasing the cubic capacity of your property, thus avoiding any taxation increases .

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