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Porta interna moderna con inserti acciaio inox
grata a pacchetto certificata zincata in acciaio Viterbo Terni Orvieto Amelia

Thanks to CIMET's long experience, we offer bespoke door frames: a team of specialized technicians is available to make an inspection at your home and suggest the solution that suits your needs. In addition to the wide range of fixtures in three different materials, customized mosquito blinds (fixed, swinging, sliding ...), sun blinds, interior doors and armoured doors are availableCimet produces window frames with security bar grills either fixed or able to be opened, and fitted with window joints to fit the window and shutters so that your home can be secured even with all the windows open (3rd right right ).

Over the course of the years and with the increase in the value of home security , we have studied 4 new security grill bar models, revised in accessories and components, with new and more functional designs, making us able to offer:

  • Classic grilles with exterior mounting and classic opening.
  • Compact grilles to be inserted between window and shutter.
  • Grills inserted between window and shutter with classic opening.
  • Fixed grilles combined with opening windows.

All come with hot dip galvanizing and standard or customizable fixtures to make the base design suitable for any architecture, all with CE marking.

For more information, please feel free to contact the company .

We will reply to you as soon as possible.


Internal doors and finIshes

Download our catalogues on our internal doors with PVC fixtures and standard styles, to find out all about our range for internal and external fixtures.


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